4 Ways To Get Fast Cash

It only takes one financial emergency to wreck your entire budget, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, emergencies happen to everyone and usually at the worst possible time. If you’ve suddenly found yourself in a financial bind, here are four ways to get the cash you need.

1. Apply for a Cash Advance Loan

One of the fastest ways to get money is with a cash advance loan Crestview FL. Cash advance loans are easy to apply for, requiring just your identification, proof of income and social security number. Usually, you’ll get your cash the same day and many times within the hour.

2. Sell Something You Don’t Need

Almost everyone has something they can sell to make quick money for an emergency. These items include electronics, designer clothing, antiques, video games or even a recreational vehicle like a snow machine. It all depends on how badly you need the money and what you’re willing to part with.

3. Call Your Creditors

Another option to get quick funds in an emergency situation is to free up the money you already have. If you’re in a bind, call your creditors and explain the situation. They may allow you to skip a month or reduce your payment, allowing you to use that money for something else.

4. Ask a Friend or Family Member

Asking a friend or family member for cash is usually the least desirable way to solve a financial crisis. However, if you’re honest about your dilemma, they’ll probably be happy to help you. Instead of asking for cash outright, have them pay your debt directly so they see exactly where the money is going.

If you need money now, you have several good options. By talking to your creditors or taking out a cash advance loan, you’ll get the funds you need fast. 

5 Texas Liquor Licence Questions Answered

If you’ve recently applied for a job at a bar or liquor store, your prospective employer has most likely told you that you will be required to obtain an individual TABC (Texas Alcohol Board of Commissions) certification. The establishment can probably answer most of your questions, but just in case, here are the quick answers to some common inquiries.

Do I Have To Take a Test?

Yes, but it’s quick and simple. There are multiple online providers for the training course that covers Texas liquor sales laws. Your employer will then confirm your TABC licensing through the TABC website once you have completed the course.

How Much Does It Cost?

The course it one small payment of $8.99 for the alcohol seller-server certification. You’ll make more than that your first hour bartending; the average salary is $14.31 per hour.

Is It Required by Law?

No, but it is by nearly every business involved in the sale, serving, or transportation of alcohol. The reason for this is that it protects the employer from legal liability in the instance that an employee makes an illegal alcohol sale.

Does It Have To Be Renewed?

TABC certifications are good for two years, after which you will need to re-take the course and pay a new fee. Certifications need to be up-to-date with changing liquor laws.

Do I Have To Be 21?

You do not have to be of legal drinking age to obtain a TABC certification. The state of Texas requires you to be 18 to serve alcohol and 16 to sell alcohol in a retail setting. There is no minimum age for the licensing, however. You can take your course at any time so you have your license in order to expedite the hiring process once you are old enough for the job. 

Hopefully, you have the information you need to get your certification and your new job in the high-paying alcohol industry. 

Fun Gifts To Get Your Employees

Whether it’s the holidays or your employee’s birthdays, it’s a thoughtful gesture to get them gifts to show them how much you appreciate them. While everyone can use a pen or pad of paper at some point in their lives, your employees likely won’t be too jazzed about getting those for a gift. Instead, get them something they’ll be excited about and will help them feel excited to work for you. 

Unique Socks

Socks are something that almost everyone uses and are a good way for people to express their personalities. When considering socks for your employees, choose a variety of funny sayings and pictures. Then, let your employees choose from a stack of socks so they can pick which pair they like. Unless you know the employee extremely well, you should probably avoid assuming that you know what they’d pick and leave it up to them. 

Gift Baskets

Whether your employee is a movie buff or is obsessed with chocolate, you’ll always find that they’re pleased with a gift basket. If you choose to do something food-related, like candy, cookie, or gourmet baskets, make sure you know the employee’s potential dietary restrictions. It won’t be enjoyable for them to have a dairy allergy and then find out they got a gift basket full of specialty cheeses. 

If there is a running joke about the person in your office, then consider using that to create their gift basket. For example, if the employee is obsessed with sauces, create a gift basket that only has different bottles of sauce in it. They’ll appreciate the gift and love the personal touch of it. 

Extra Paid Day Off 

One gift that your employees will be ecstatic to get is an extra paid day off. When you give them that gift, it shows them that you value them as a person and that you realize that their whole life isn’t all about work. If you start giving paid days off as gifts, you’ll likely find that your employees stay loyal for years to come. 

3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Company’s Printers

If you work in a business that relies heavily on printers — perhaps even a printing company — you know that it is essential that you maintain your equipment. Here are some simple things to do now to ensure that your printers are always in tip-top shape.

Clean Them Regularly

Printing presses can get dirty if they are subjected to constant use, so it is important to clean them more than you think you should. Use anilox cleaners to remove dried ink from your press for starters. Ensure that you are not just cleaning the inside, but also the outside, because dust that settles on the outside of the printer can easily get inside and cause inaccurate print jobs. Educate everyone who touches the printer on the important of keeping it clean so there are no mishaps.

Use the Right Tools

Know the differences between toner and ink and be sure you are using the correct product in your press. Using the incorrect product can damage your press and cost you unnecessary time and money in repairs. If your printer is compatible with a certain brand, don’t look for a lesser alternative to save money — the risks just aren’t worth it.

Update the Software

Typically, your printers contain some type of software that keeps them running. Software updates can be annoying and seemingly always want to run when it is least convenient, but it is important to stay up to date and allow them to run when needed. Updates not only provide new features, but they can also contain bug fixes or security patches that are needed to keep your printer running safely and efficiently.

Maintaining your printers is an essential — but very simple — task. Follow these tips and your company’s most important pieces of equipment will run well for a long time.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Building

Owning a building that you can lease to different businesses can be a lot of work. It is your duty to make sure you provide an adequate working space for the people paying you. If you are new to the game or want to improve your standing, consider the following pieces of advice.

1. Focus on Safety

Make sure that emergency exits are clearly marked so that building occupants won’t be confused if and when they have to use them. Then, hold fire drills periodically so that people will know the process. If you have elevators, tenants should know to avoid them if possible and use the stairs instead. Always inspect the elevators and ensure that the emergency buttons work. You can use a hydrostatic test pump to verify there are no leaks in your sprinkler system. There should also be fire extinguishers and first aid kits readily available.

2. Plan Ahead

From time to time, there will be vacancies between renters. In this case, you will need to budget so that you can cover the mortgage. If you are in a popular area, you might think about expanding your building. Do you have room to do so? Another thing to consider is the accessibility of the units. Folks in wheelchairs should have no problem navigating the halls and doors should have braille for blind people to know where they are headed.

3. Be Friendly and Professional

There is nothing worse for lessees than when their landlords are absentee. Take care of landscaping needs so that people can go to an attractive place to work. Things will inevitably need maintenance, so make that a priority. Always take the concerns of your tenants seriously and respond to them in a timely manner. If they are the ones not holding up their end of the bargain, try to work with them. If they don’t respond well, you can consult a lawyer.

If you can’t provide a safe, functional working environment for companies who want to rent office space in your building, you should not be in the business. However, if you stay on the ball, you can make a lot of money while gaining a good reputation as a property owner.

Tips for Finding a Chargemaster Consulting Firm

Sometimes, hospital chargemasters must undergo complete renovations led by an outside consultant. If your institution requires an overhaul, find a consulting firm that offers satisfactory answers to all of these questions before hiring someone. 

Do They Have Success With Improving Revenue?

The entire point of hiring a chargemaster consulting firm is to bring more revenue in for your hospital. Before choosing a firm, ensure they have past success where they have renovated a chargemaster and brought more revenue in for a hospital. 

Do They Help You Implement Changes?

Chances are, the consultant will find some outdated procedures that need to change to give you enhanced efficiency. This means you will need to make some changes and retrain your staff around whatever new procedures the consultant recommends. To ensure you are successful in this step, you should look for a consultant who helps implement necessary changes. 

Do They Create Deadlines for Your Results?

While deadlines don’t usually seem like a good thing, in this case, they are. These deadlines can make you actually implement your changes and start seeing results. So, when you choose someone, look for a consultant that offers deadlines for when you need to implement your changes and when you can expect to see results. 

Do They Provide the Results of Their Evaluation?

You probably have no idea how your chargemaster and associated procedures got so outdated. Therefore, you have no idea which areas you need to watch in the future. However, choosing a consultant that gives you detailed notes and summaries of their evaluation can help you monitor your procedures closer in the future. 

Do They Include You in Their Process?

As the person in charge of dealing with the chargemaster procedures, you want to ensure that the company you choose involves you in their process. This can help you understand what they are doing and why you need to implement the recommended changes. 

Do They Thoroughly Explain Everything To You?

You are likely going to be confused about something during the consulting process. Therefore, you need to find a company that will thoroughly explain everything to you while evaluating and restructuring your chargemaster procedures. This makes it so that you understand what is happening and can explain it to your staff. 

If you want to find the right consulting firm to handle your chargemaster review, you need to do some research. Finding satisfactory answers to these questions will give you the best possible match for your hospital. 

Your Business and Smart Technology

Technology is making people’s lives easier in many ways they’ve never even dreamed possible. The same is true when it comes to running a business. Smart technology can make the lives of business owners exponentially easier. Utilizing them can free up your time, allowing you to invest it in bettering your business.

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks allow business owners to control who enters and exits their buildings without keycards. Personalized access codes ensure you can still see who is coming and going but without the nuisance of keycards, which are often misplaced or lost. Smart locks will also allow you to lockout everyone all at once if necessary. If you run a business that requires high security, investing in smart locks is a wise move.

2. Smart Roofs

For business owners who live in chilly climates, snow damage to roofs can present a very real threat. Luckily, there are now smart roof systems that include predictive monitoring technologies, which monitor snow pressure on your roof to tell you when the snow becomes too much. These could keep your roof from collapsing, so consider them if you experience significant snowfall in your area.

3. Smart Security Systems

There are several options available on the market for smart security systems. Most include multiple cameras and sensors that can be synced to a smartphone and provide 24/7 updates directly to the phone. You will be updated on any entry to your building any time of day or night. Additionally, some smart security systems include heat and leak sensors that will alert you of potential fires or leaks that could damage your merchandise if left undetected.

4. Smart Lighting

Multiple companies offer smart lighting systems that can help you save on your business electric bill. Some systems consist of smart LED lightbulbs, a remote and motion sensors providing you with all the tools necessary to save as much as possible. There’s no need to light portions of your business unless they’re in use and smart lighting systems enable business owners to select which areas in a building are lit and which are not.

Utilizing smart technology can make the life of a business owner much easier. Further, it can save you money and resources. Investing in smart locks, smart roofs, smart security systems and smart lighting can all contribute to bringing your business up to date. Consider looking into some of these options and reap the benefits.

What Do Public Sector Consultants Do?

The public sector comprises all public officers and positions, and includes everything from military and teachers to the President of the United States. The federal government alone consists of over 9 million workers, which was almost 6 percent of the entire American workforce in 2019. Also in 2019, American trust in the United States government had reached historic lows, with only 17 percent of the public saying they trusted the government to do their jobs. 

This is why public sector consultants such as Declan Kelly are utilized to ensure the government is staying on track with accountability measures, and to restore public confidence in public sector workers. If you are interested in this job, or want to see more about how your government is advised, learn more about public sector consultants here.

What are Public Sector Consultants?

A general consultant for a business is one that helps an organization to maximize their profits or efficient measures within the current regulations of the time. A public sector consultant does the same thing. Teneo’s Declan Kelly is just an example. He is an award-winning journalist who consulted in 2007 and 2008 for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  

By 2009, he would become part of the economic envoy to Northern Ireland by appointment of the Secretary of State. This is an example of what a public sector consultant can do. They live a life of public service, and their job is to ensure that the needs of the many are met in every way.

What are Public Sector Jobs?

There are a number of things that a public sector consulting job can be. Today, jobs in public sector consulting can be as simple as an educational consultant in the classroom, helping develop a special needs curriculum. You may also see them in the military, consulting on engineering mechanics, defense strategy, or even financial auditing.

There is probably a public sector consulting job available for any interest and skill level. That is because the United States public sector is large, and it touches every area of our lives. Consulting is available, and needed, in health care, education, justice, law, law enforcement, finance, climate, defense, housing, and more.

What is the Salary for Public Sector Consulting?

Salaries for public sector consulting will be commensurate with experience. It will also depend on where you are working. The city you work in could be just as big a factor in determining your salary, as what you do. Whether you work for a company or for yourself may also make a difference in your salary expectations as well.

Learn More About Public Sector Consulting

Jobs like Teneo’s Declan Kelly come around once every four to eight years. However, the need for public sector consulting will never go away. So long as humans need services, their public workers will need consultants. If this is a field that interests you, start the research today to see what you need to do to begin your career in the public sector.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Agent

When you are shopping for health insurance or any other type, you will inevitably run into the question of how to choose an insurance agent in Peoria AZ. Many people make the mistake of choosing an insurance agent based solely on their personal information given during the application process. It is not uncommon to see a number of insurance agents when you initially apply for coverage. When you decide to purchase insurance online, you can take a number of steps that will help you ensure that you are getting the most from the experience.

Directly Working with a Provider

The first thing you should consider is whether you would like to work directly with a particular insurance company. If so, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you have found an agent that is easy to get along with. One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of the agents is to inquire about their background and ask questions of them. Most agents would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding their background and experience in the insurance industry and would even give you examples of previous insurance work they have completed.

Interviewing Process

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential agents to select from, you can begin the interview process. Since this is the first interaction you have with an insurance agent, it is important that you establish a very positive relationship. Be sure that you ask open-ended questions for insight and detail about the types of policies that the agent offers and the services he or she provides. You should be willing to discuss different insurance companies and coverages with an agent. He or she should explain the benefits and features of the insurance policy and let you weigh the pros and cons of the plan before you sign.

When you sit down with the agent face-to-face, you are also giving yourself an advantage. A better option might be to use a video conferencing service so that you can speak to the agent directly and not just listen to them. Take notes during the meeting and try to think like an insurance company. Think of vocabulary terms, insurance company jargon, and other words the insurance agent may use. This will help you remember the important details later on. 

Now that you know how to find an insurance agent, you’ll be more prepared to actually look for something that will benefit you in the long run.

How To Choose the Right Candidate for the Job

On your desk is a mountain of paper: resumes stacked for the most recent position. There are plenty of applicants, but which one is the best for the opening? As a manager, you have the daunting task of selecting the next member of the team. How you do it is up to you, but staff members rely on you to make the decision that works for everyone. As you sit through interviews and read through the paperwork, consider the following four things.

1. Focus on Task Completion

Traditional interviews focused on asking a pre-set list of questions. While useful and consistent, this act permitted stale answers and limited management’s ability to understand how people think and respond. While still important, try to combine this technique with some other options. Provide an example assignment or project (something that could be brainstormed in 10 or 15 minutes). 

Use this opportunity to observe how the candidate accomplishes the feat and what concepts arise. This on-your-feet action is vital to getting a good feel for how people respond to stress and complete your work.

2. Review the Resume Thoroughly

On paper, people may seem like the perfect person for the position, but some applicants leave information off that may ruin the impression. Take the time to run a background check on your final contenders. Be sure to perform an SSN trace. While you’d like to think that people are honest, it’s just as likely that they’re leaving out criminal mischief.

3. Pay Attention to Minor Presentation Details

While listening for solid responses, also observe body language and appearance. These details speak volumes about personality and work ethic. Is the person dressed well? Did he or she take the time to think of the right shoes or coordinate the outfit. Those little points show an effort to please and get things correct. 

Also, eye contact, handshakes and gestures indicate a level of confidence. Eyes on the ground are concerning, showing a sign of intimidation. Nail-biting or fidgeting could be a symbol of anxiety.

4. Get Feedback from the Receptionist

Some people put on a good show for the boss but not for everyone else. Take time to speak with the receptionist and other office team members about how they were treated when candidates arrived or sat in the waiting area. Who was polite? Did anyone come across as overly annoying? This information gives you a vibe of how someone may work with others.

While you have a crucial decision to make, you also have several possibilities to ease the process. Rely on other people’s opinions, background companies and your gut to fill the spot with the right person.