Fun Gifts To Get Your Employees


Whether it’s the holidays or your employee’s birthdays, it’s a thoughtful gesture to get them gifts to show them how much you appreciate them. While everyone can use a pen or pad of paper at some point in their lives, your employees likely won’t be too jazzed about getting those for a gift. Instead, get them something they’ll be excited about and will help them feel excited to work for you. 

Unique Socks

Socks are something that almost everyone uses and are a good way for people to express their personalities. When considering socks for your employees, choose a variety of funny sayings and pictures. Then, let your employees choose from a stack of socks so they can pick which pair they like. Unless you know the employee extremely well, you should probably avoid assuming that you know what they’d pick and leave it up to them. 

Gift Baskets

Whether your employee is a movie buff or is obsessed with chocolate, you’ll always find that they’re pleased with a gift basket. If you choose to do something food-related, like candy, cookie, or gourmet baskets, make sure you know the employee’s potential dietary restrictions. It won’t be enjoyable for them to have a dairy allergy and then find out they got a gift basket full of specialty cheeses. 

If there is a running joke about the person in your office, then consider using that to create their gift basket. For example, if the employee is obsessed with sauces, create a gift basket that only has different bottles of sauce in it. They’ll appreciate the gift and love the personal touch of it. 

Extra Paid Day Off 

One gift that your employees will be ecstatic to get is an extra paid day off. When you give them that gift, it shows them that you value them as a person and that you realize that their whole life isn’t all about work. If you start giving paid days off as gifts, you’ll likely find that your employees stay loyal for years to come. 

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