What Do Public Sector Consultants Do?


The public sector comprises all public officers and positions, and includes everything from military and teachers to the President of the United States. The federal government alone consists of over 9 million workers, which was almost 6 percent of the entire American workforce in 2019. Also in 2019, American trust in the United States government had reached historic lows, with only 17 percent of the public saying they trusted the government to do their jobs. 

This is why public sector consultants such as Declan Kelly are utilized to ensure the government is staying on track with accountability measures, and to restore public confidence in public sector workers. If you are interested in this job, or want to see more about how your government is advised, learn more about public sector consultants here.

What are Public Sector Consultants?

A general consultant for a business is one that helps an organization to maximize their profits or efficient measures within the current regulations of the time. A public sector consultant does the same thing. Teneo’s Declan Kelly is just an example. He is an award-winning journalist who consulted in 2007 and 2008 for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  

By 2009, he would become part of the economic envoy to Northern Ireland by appointment of the Secretary of State. This is an example of what a public sector consultant can do. They live a life of public service, and their job is to ensure that the needs of the many are met in every way.

What are Public Sector Jobs?

There are a number of things that a public sector consulting job can be. Today, jobs in public sector consulting can be as simple as an educational consultant in the classroom, helping develop a special needs curriculum. You may also see them in the military, consulting on engineering mechanics, defense strategy, or even financial auditing.

There is probably a public sector consulting job available for any interest and skill level. That is because the United States public sector is large, and it touches every area of our lives. Consulting is available, and needed, in health care, education, justice, law, law enforcement, finance, climate, defense, housing, and more.

What is the Salary for Public Sector Consulting?

Salaries for public sector consulting will be commensurate with experience. It will also depend on where you are working. The city you work in could be just as big a factor in determining your salary, as what you do. Whether you work for a company or for yourself may also make a difference in your salary expectations as well.

Learn More About Public Sector Consulting

Jobs like Teneo’s Declan Kelly come around once every four to eight years. However, the need for public sector consulting will never go away. So long as humans need services, their public workers will need consultants. If this is a field that interests you, start the research today to see what you need to do to begin your career in the public sector.

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