Great Garages: 4 Ways To Instantly Maximize Your Garage’s Potential

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Your garage is more than just a place to store your vehicle when you are not driving it. It is your workshop—the place where you brainstorm new ideas and make your envisioned projects come to life. To get the most out of your garage, you need to make it work for you. Follow these four tips to update your garage amenities and maximize your utilized space.

1. Trick Out Your Tool Box

Large tool boxes with neatly organized rows and columns of small, individual compartments are the perfect place to store your tiniest items, such as nails, screws, and bolts. However, once filled, they are nearly impossible to lug around. Give your tool box wheels. Caster wheels will make moving your tool box easy when it is time to clean or rearrange your garage.

2. Add Overhead Storage

Need more storage space? Look up! The ceiling is prime real estate for tools that you do not use daily. Add well-bolted hooks and racks to neatly and securely store rakes, shovels, and out-of-season items. Just make sure that nothing hangs too low, lest you bump your head or scratch the roof of your vehicle. Additionally, if you have an overhead garage door, take care that the racks do not interfere with its functionality.

3. Ventilation Is Vital

Using heavy-duty power tools and gas-dependent machines can cause toxic aerosol buildup. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, install proper ventilation in your garage. Frequently check your vents to ensure that they are clear and functioning. Never place large objects in front of your vents. Include an exhaust fan to further reduce fumes.

To go the extra mile, add screened windows to your garage. Windows will allow fresh air and natural sunlight to flow into your garage, both of which will improve your mood and productivity. If possible, open your garage door while working to ensure maximum ventilation.

4. Light It Up

Proper lighting will make your garage a safer place to work. Overhead lighting is a good place to start. Adding durable clip-on lamps to your workbench will enable you to clearly see while you use power tools or tiny objects, like screws and nails. Rather than using traditional incandescent lightbulbs, opt for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which will save on your energy costs.

A garage or workshop is more than an afterthought included on your property. It is a haven of creativity and productivity. To bring out its full potential, implement the tips above. Then, get to work. Many interesting and exciting projects await you!

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