The Functions of Shock Absorbing Casters

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Spring-loaded casters absorb shocks and reduce body roll. These casters also keep merchandise intact. Listed below are some of the functions of shock-absorbing casters. This article will help you understand these casters. It will also tell you about the different kinds of casters available. So, get one for your next job!

Spring-loaded casters absorb shocks.

If you want to reduce vibrations while relocating your heavy objects, consider using spring-loaded casters. These casters are more effective in absorbing shocks and are often recommended for heavy-duty applications, such as automotive, manufacturing plants, aerospace, and computer equipment. They also perform well on uneven floors. But before choosing any casters, it’s essential to understand the benefits and limitations of each type.

Among all casters, spring-loaded casters are the best option for light and medium-duty loads. This type of caster is excellent for delicate cargo. Its spring-loaded axle will absorb shocks and minimize noise levels, extending caster life. However, it’s important to remember that the spring-loaded casters are only good for half the capacity. Therefore, never overload a spring-loaded caster, as it will lose its shock-absorbing benefits.

They reduce body roll.

Shock Absorbing Casters can significantly reduce body roll by making your vehicle ride smoother. Body roll is caused by loss of traction and weight transfer between the tires. Whenever a vehicle experiences a body roll, one side of its suspension is compressed while the other is extended. These characteristics make it easier to control body roll by making the suspension on the driver’s side more rigid and the passenger’s side less flexible.

Shock absorbing casters work to lower body roll by reducing the amount of energy that the wheels receive from bumps and irregular surfaces. In addition, these casters lessen the noise of the vehicle and can roll over most obstacles. However, choosing the wrong shock-absorbing caster can negate all of its benefits and reduce performance to a level below that of conventional casters. This is because these casters are based on springs, and the initial force exerted by these springs is measurable.

They reduce the aeration of hydraulic fluid.

Shock Absorbing Casters work to reduce the aeration of hydraulic fluid. They have a piston attached to the end of a rod. As the piston moves, it squeezes hydraulic fluid through the tiny holes. This aeration causes the hydraulic fluid to foam and reduces the shock absorption properties of shock absorbers. Air is much lighter than liquid, so shock absorbers must reduce air in the hydraulic fluid to reduce aeration.

Shock Absorbing Casters are the perfect solution to this problem. These casters are pre-charged with dry nitrogen. Nitrogen gas compresses air bubbles in the hydraulic fluid, preventing oil mixing. The nitrogen gas also helps prevent foaming and reduces the aeration of hydraulic fluid. The less aeration, the faster the response time, and the more the tires stay on the surface.

They keep merchandise intact.

Shock-absorbing casters are an excellent solution for keeping your business’s cargo safe during transport. They reduce vibration by up to 80%, resulting in improved stability. Not only that, but they can minimize wheel wear as well. Shock-absorbing casters also prevent damage to merchandise during transit. The advantages of shock-absorbing casters are numerous.

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