Building a Commercial Real Estate Property From the Ground Up

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Adding a commercial real estate property to your investment portfolio is a great move for building long-term wealth. Commercial properties can be rented out to individual retailers or customized to fit the needs of any particular corporation. However, sometimes building a commercial property from the ground up can be overwhelming. Many partnerships are needed in order to ensure success.

Land Developer

Depending on the condition of your commercial real estate, you may be starting from scratch and need the assistance of a good quality land developer. Professional developers prepare the raw space for whatever construction you are embarking upon. Land developers can remove trees/debris, install water pipelines, and level the property for a building foundation. Hiring a developer like this can take you through a smooth beginning process in setting the foundation for your building. 


A good architect is the next team member that you will need to recruit in order to start designing the specifics of the commercial building that you hope to build. An architect will help you to build the most efficient space and will listen to all of your hopes and dreams for what type of businesses you hope to host on the property. Building function is key, and a solid architect will ask good questions and design the space according to your specific needs. 

Building Contractor

From the moment the concrete is poured for the foundation, you will want a good building contractor on your side. Ensure that the contractor you choose is licensed and has good references from others who have worked with them. Ask them to see other buildings that they have constructed and ask lots of questions. Choosing the right building contractor is important because contractors who serve in this role are responsible for the coordination of all the fine details of building the actual commercial space, from the foundation all the way to the painting and finishing touches inside. 

Certified Electrician

Looking for a professional and certified electrical contractor Philadelphia PA is the next step in ensuring that your commercial property development runs smoothly. Certified electricians can ensure that all of the electrical work completed in the building is done according to current codes and local standards, so that city and state inspections are easy. 

There are several more key partnerships that might be needed along the way, but these initial connections should get you started out on your commercial property investment journey. 

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