The ABCs of Commercial Fire Safety

Equipment & Technology

Fires are too often the cause of expensive insurance claims and business loss. A bit of attention to fire safety can reduce the chance of a fire affecting your company, if not eliminating the possibility altogether. Here are some easy ways to avoid a fire, and it is as simple as ABC.

A: Attend to Equipment

It should be a given that you have fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and smoke alarms in place, but are they functioning properly? Follow manufacturer directions on regular inspection. Replace any faulty equipment immediately. A professional can be hired to handle such tasks, solidifying your confidence that everything is up to par. Calling on a fire protection company San Diego CA may be the right choice. Make sure that regular work tools are cared for properly so that no unnecessary fire risk is created.

B: Be Prepared

There is no substitute for preparation. Fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the work setting, and company leaders must take the lead in scheduling safety trainings. Make sure all are aware of designated escape routes and exits. Such evacuation plans should be posted where even visitors will clearly notice them. Fire exits should be lighted so that they will not be missed. Floor lights in passages that are likely to be used when escapees have to crawl to safety may literally become a lifesaver.

C: Conduct Drills

It might feel elementary, but regular fire drills have proven to minimize the level of panic during a real emergency. Plan routine drills, but also toss in some that are unannounced so you can accurately assess how ready the staff really is in the case of an emergency.

You can keep employees as well as customers and vendors safer with the practices mentioned here. Minimize loss and pain by always being alert to fire safety.

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