Choosing the Best Fruit Trees for Your Yard

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Many people dream of growing thriving orchards in their backyards. Nothing sounds better than to walk out the back door and pick a piece of ripe, crisp fruit right off the branch. However, extensive research is required to choose the best fruit tree for your geographical area. The following guide will help you pick popular fruit trees to grow based on your location.

Midwestern Fruit Trees

The climate of the Midwestern states varies significantly throughout the year. Therefore, you will need to plant hardy trees that can withstand hot summers and harsh winters. Apple and pear trees are perfect examples of trees that will grow well in a state that experiences four seasons. Visit a landscape company or nursery to find out the best way to plant.

Southern Fruit Trees

The South offers a more forgiving environment for growing all year long. Many of those stuck in the Northern states envy the 12-month growing period of their Southern neighbors. However, this vast growing season doesn’t mean that just any fruit tree will thrive in this warmer climate. Citrus trees such as lemon and peach trees thrive in the Southern states.

Pacific Northwest Fruit Trees

When it comes to planting trees in the state of Washington, you may assume that apple trees are the best option. You would be correct. A business that provides a landscape service Marysville WA can help you choose the best variety for your location. It may take some work and maintenance to grow your orchard, but the benefits will outweigh the cost.

Remember that doing your research is essential to growing a successful orchard. Even if you only want to plant a few trees in your backyard, consulting local experts will benefit you in the long run. Purchasing fruit trees is a significant investment, and you’ll want to collect all the information you can to be sure that you are setting yourself up for growing success!

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