4 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Car


The older a car gets the more frequent breakdowns and part replacements become. Costs add up and getting a new car may be the less expensive option in the long run. If it’s in bad shape, getting rid of your old vehicle can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

Return It

If you haven’t had any luck selling it yourself, contact the appropriate car dealerships near you. If they think they can fix it up, they may be willing to pay you for it. What they offer may be less than it’s worth, but the car will be off your hands quickly.

Scrap It

Instead of being greater than the sum of its parts, your car may be worth more in pieces. In this case, you should investigate auto salvage for cash Saint Louis MO to get the most out of your vehicle. You may get more money back for it this way than through a dealership.

Donate It

This option lets you claim the value of your vehicle as a tax write-off. Some organizations may fix up the vehicle to use in their regular operations, but others may choose to sell it for scrap. If you see that a registered nonprofit organization accepts used vehicles as donations, ask them specifically what they are willing to accept so you don’t burden them with something they can’t use.

Demolish It

If you live in a rural community, you’ve surely heard of a Demolition Derby. If you haven’t, it’s where people essentially play bumper cars, but with actual vehicles. If no one is willing to pay to fix up or scrap your car, you may be able to find a Demolition Derby enthusiast that will take it off your hands by advertising appropriately.

Letting a car sit forgotten in a field or junkyard isn’t just a waste of resources, it’s bad for the environment. Picking one of the above options is a win-win situation every time. 

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