3 Things To Consider When You Move Out of a College Dorm


Living in the dorms offers convenience, but it may lack the independence you prefer. Getting a place of your own allows you to come and go as you please, without worrying about dorm rules and curfews. However, it’s important to understand a few things before you head out on your own. The following are three things to consider when looking for off-campus housing.

1. Proximity

Okay, you’re used to rolling out of bed, throwing on slippers and trekking across campus to get to that early class. When you move off college premises, factor in dress and driving time. Make a list of UNCC Safe Student Housing that allows you to get to and from the campus without too much time. Short commutes permit you to stay in touch with friends and keep up with activities. It could also minimize your gas bill.

2. Affordability

College is expensive. You don’t want to add more to the cost. You could save a few dollars by not paying for food and board with the school by heading off the campus. However, don’t go too cheap. Ensure that the price is reasonable and improves or holds your budget.

3. Safety

What is the security like at the new complex? What is the current crime rate for the neighboring community? Ask the property managers about any recent breaking, rapes or vandalism that may have occurred. Find out how they protect their residents. 

While on the college campus, you have security officers to call immediately for help. What is the response rate for this community? Familiarize yourself with the safety options and choose a place with less crime.

Off-campus living gives you a chance to go it independently (or with a few close friends). However, do some homework first. Be sure your new place is affordable, secure and close to class.

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