4 Methods To Remove Body Hair


There are several different ways in which you can remove unwanted body hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Ellicott City MD uses a light or laser beam to destroy hair bulbs. With the hair bulb destroyed, it takes much longer for the hair to grow back. The treatment can be expensive and requires a few sessions. Over time, you will notice less hair growing back. It can be used on several different areas of the body, but you may experience some pain during the session. Laser hair removal should only be done by a highly trained professional.


If you prefer to do things yourself, shaving might be a simpler alternative to remove hair from your body. Shaving is great for targeting larger areas of your body like your arms and legs. More sensitive areas of your body may be prone to ingrown hairs when you shave. Always make sure to use shaving cream to help your razor glide across your skin and get a close shave.


For smaller areas, you can pluck or tweeze hairs out by the root. Hair will likely take a few weeks to grow back after being tweezed. Avoid plucking over the course of a few days to prevent uneven regrowth. Because tweezing can hurt and takes a lot of time, it is best for shaping up eyebrows and removing unwanted facial hair.


Hot wax can be messy and painful, which is why sugar waxing is a great alternative. Body sugaring or sugar waxing uses sugar, water, and citric acid to adhere to your hair. Sugar wax is warmed to your body temperature when applied, so you don’t have to worry about burns or infections from hot wax. Sugar wax has an easier time grabbing hair to remove it from the root without breaking. This helps the hair grow back thinner and less over time.

Learning about the different methods used to remove unwanted body hair can help you determine which works best for you.  

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