What You Need To Know About a Mail-Away Closing

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When you are selling your home but cannot be there to close, it is called a mail-away¬†closing. As a buyer, Reali.com is a great place to get a loan so you can close quickly. This process allows the sellers to send all paperwork in the mail and receive their check the next day. This option is very beneficial for people who can’t be in town on the date of the closing and want to get it taken care of.

How It Works

Once you receive the documents from the real estate attorney the clock begins. You need to print all of the paperwork, sign it yourself, and get a notary signature. Once that is complete the documents are scanned back to the attorney to make sure nothing was missed. After you receive approval you then need to mail everything overnight so that the buyers can receive the documents and sign on their end. The process can be stressful but once it is complete within 24 hours there is nothing more that needs to be done. If there is any money that the seller is receiving a check will be mailed within the next couple of days and the transaction is complete. 

Why Communication Matters

There are many people involved in the process of selling your home. You have a real estate agent with who you need to be in contact communication. Most prefer a phone call but it is best to have their emails as well as a backup. There can also be a closing agent who works with your real estate agent. If you are doing a remote closing you will need to communicate with that person on the date and time of closing. Finally, there is the real estate attorney. This person’s job is to get all of the legal paperwork to you and the buyers for signatures. Because this isn’t something people do every day, there are often many questions people have when signing these important documents. It is important that this person helps you out over the phone and makes sure you understand everything perfectly.

Mail-away closings are very helpful to people who cannot physically be there to sign the legal paperwork on selling their home. It can cost the seller more money than a regular closing but is worth the time and money spent to have to fly or drive back on that date. This process is not ideal and if you can be in person for the closing it is the best decision. However, if you can’t be there all it takes is a little extra money and proper attention to the details and you are all set.

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