Making Exteriors as Comfortable as Interiors

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Back in 2020, everyone learned the true value of a comfortable and safe outdoor space. As we all move forward with our lives, those safe and comfortable outdoor spaces will continue to play an important role in our everyday lives. However, there is a reason that humanity invented housing. The outdoors are not always naturally comfortable. So what can you do to make the exterior of your home as cozy as the interior?

Temperature Control

The outdoors are not climate controlled, and in most places, that becomes uncomfortable at some point. You can’t change the thermostat when you’re outside; you have to find a workaround. If you’re in a warm, sunny area, you may need to look at landscape plant installation Boca Raton or your area to find shade-creating or shade-loving plants, in order to protect yourself from the sun and the heat. In extreme situations, a pool is a great way to beat the heat. If cold is what makes your outdoor spaces uncomfortable, a firepit can go a long way towards fixing that problem, if it’s done safely. 

Safety and Privacy

Safety is another factor to consider. Protecting yourself from the weather is one thing. Protecting yourself from bugs, wildlife, allergens, and nosy neighbors is another thing. Fences can make your property more private and secure. Citronella candles and bug repellants can make your space more comfortable from that perspective. Learn to identify the plants you’re allergic to, especially plants like poison ivy and poison oak. 


However, comfort isn’t just about not being miserable, it’s also about, well, comfort. What have you done to make your outdoor spaces as warm and welcoming as your indoor spaces? People like to have places to sit and things to do and something to look at, whether they are inside or outside. A comfortable seating area, perhaps even an outdoor dining area, is a great start. What activities do you do outside, and could you add more? Nature is already interesting to look at, but you can add to that with beautiful plants, interesting landscaping, and even outdoor art pieces. 

Spending more time outside is always a good thing. Humans need sunlight, and fresh air makes most everyone feel better, especially after a long day inside. So the next time you’re thinking about sprucing up your outdoor areas, don’t just think about what looks good from the curb. Think about what feels good and comfortable when you’re actually in the space and enjoying it. 

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