How to Maintain an Automatic Balanced Door

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Automatic balanced doors are a great solution for accessibility issues and space limitations. They allow easy opening and closing and require no force to operate. These doors are most commonly found in businesses with high foot traffic and heavy items. In addition, you can find them in airports and storefronts. To maintain a door, it is important to clean it regularly and rebalance it every two years. Read on to learn how to take care of it.


Routine maintenance is one of the most important aspects of maintaining Dawson doors New York. Over time, these doors can run less smoothly, resulting in issues such as scraping or sticking. It can be frustrating, and automatic door repair is often necessary to keep things running as smoothly as possible. These doors are precision-installed and require periodic adjustments, but the benefits far outweigh the hassle. Moreover, these doors carry a great deal of responsibility and a high level of reliability.

Professional servicing of an automatic door involves checking components for compliance with manufacturer specifications. AAADM-certified technicians check all the door components, including opening and closing speeds, sensors, guide rails, pivots, belts, gears, and lubricants. Costs depend on the type of maintenance needed and the component replacement and adjustment amount. Basic maintenance programs are generally costed on time and materials. These services are highly recommended for any automatic balance door, whether it is for a home or office building.

Cleaning The Bottom Track

It is essential to clean the track regularly. For example, the door tracks are made up of two pieces, one vertical and the other horizontal, which form a joint near the top of the opening. If the track becomes dirty, dirt can be caught in the tracks and prevent the door from sliding smoothly. To clean these components, you can use a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water, which you should spray along the track and wipe clean. If the cleaning solution is too harsh for the track, you can use warm soapy water to scrub the tracks. It will remove loose dirt and debris.

Using A Striker

Using the striker included with the door handle to keep the door balanced will ensure that it stays in the open or closed position. The striker helps balance the door in an open or closed position, but it will need extra space to rotate arms and swing the heel edge. If the striker is missing, the door will be unbalanced. For this reason, the striker must be removed or reattached to prevent the door from hitting the wall when it is fully open or closed.

balanced door is a door that projects to the interior and is designed to withstand both internal and external stack pressure. As a result, only two-thirds of the door is exposed to the sidewalk space. Unlike hinge doors, these doors are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and wood. In addition, unlike hinge doors, a balanced door will open and fully close on its own, meaning that pedestrians won’t have to exert much force to open or close it.

Rebalancing Every Two Years

A balanced door operates smoothly when its weight and size are equal. Over time, however, it may become less smooth, creating safety risks and frustration. In these cases, automatic door repair is needed. Rebalancing the automatic balanced door is the only way to keep it working as it should. Rebalancing the automatic door requires the careful precision installation and occasional adjustments. It’s a high-responsibility system that expects to run smoothly without fail.

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