3 Benefits of Inspecting Your Oil Tank

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Oil tanks can have a long lifespan, but only if they are well taken care of. Tanks should be periodically checked and maintained. If not, they may need to be abandoned. There are oil tank abandonment services available, such as oil tank abandonment Westchester County NY. Take a look at this list of three benefits associated with inspecting an oil tank.

1. Prevent Oil Leaks

Your oil tank may become damaged, which can cause oil leaks. Such damage may stem from heavy precipitation, temperature fluctuations, and extreme vegetation. These factors may compromise the material your tank is made of, whether that be steel, plastic, or a combination of both. They may also affect your tank’s level of protection. Some tanks only have one layer of protection while others have multiple. Layers can weaken over time, causing a tank to be more susceptible to leaks. Hiring a professional to inspect your tank can reduce its chance of experiencing leaks.

2. Avoid Oil Spills

Oil spills can occur in various situations. If the ground underneath where your oil tank is placed becomes disturbed or erodes away, your tank may collapse and spill oil. Your tank may also fall if its legs experience a great deal of rust or breakage and are unable to support your tank’s main body. Some people have even witnessed oil spills because the liquids in their tanks caused corrosion and dissolved their tanks’ shells, leaving holes and openings from which oil escaped. Taking all this into consideration, it is vital that you seek an expert who can help you maintain the condition of your tank and tackle any and all problems that could result in spills.

3. Heat Your Home

A poorly maintained tank will not be able to heat your home properly. This is because it will likely have defects that hinder it from transferring the necessary amount of oil to your furnace. Maybe its vent pipe, the part that provides the ventilation required to move fuel smoothly through an oil tank system, is damaged or clogged. It could be that its oil gauge is broken, making it hard for you to detect whether it is empty and needs refilling. By having a professional look at your tank on a regular basis, you can ensure that it will not be riddled with the issues that would impede its ability to heat your home.

Take good care of your oil tank. Doing so will guarantee your safety and comfort.

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