Why Do Pickup Trucks Continue to Grow in Popularity

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Numbers do not lie, but they sure do raise questions. Pickup trucks, despite the fact that they are work vehicles and get the toughest jobs assigned to anything with wheels, are among the longest-lasting machines on American roads. They are extremely popular among new vehicle owners. The top three new vehicles purchased annually are pickup trucks. If trucks are the most popular form of transportation and they last the longest, how can they lead new vehicle purchases every year? The answer is, auto and SUV owners keep converting to truck ownership. This raises another question: why does the popularity of the pickup truck continue to grow?

Drivers Expect to Fix and Drive Their Trucks

When your SUV shows some dings and starts sagging in the joints, you know it is time to replace it. When your pickup gets dented and worn, on the other hand, you know it is just broken in good. Drivers do not mind having to fix up their trucks. Replacing the front grill or buying a used truck rear end is a right of passage for your pickup. Using your truck for the tough jobs and needing to repair and replace parts is a sure sign that you love your truck and you have a worthy vehicle.

Drivers Want Trucks for Second Vehicles

There will always be a market for used trucks if for no other reason than you cannot move a sofa in an SUV. Drivers need to be able to transport mulch, football equipment and supplies for a true tailgating event in a vehicle they are not worried about scratching. Trucks were intended for carrying loads that would overwhelm vans and SUVs. They are also built to tow without harming the trailer or the truck. In the same way, a growing number of Americans want a second home in the mountains or at the beach, they also need a dependable second vehicle to trek there with their stuff. 

Drivers Want Versatile Vehicles

Trucks have long been the go-to mode of transit for off-road travel for work or transporting gear. Over time, pickups have become a great deal more versatile in the options that come with them as well. Extended cabs, backup cameras, GPS systems and built-in wi-fi—any option that automakers can put in an automobile can fit in a truck as well. With improved gas mileage and new power options—even hybrid engines—pickups continue to be the evolving first choice of drivers.

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