4 Essential Horse Tack Items


If you’re interested in riding horses, it’s important to get a good handle on what equipment you’ll need to buy. This equipment is referred to as “horse tack.” Here are four of the most essential horse tack items you’ll need to start riding. 

1. Riding Helmet 

Not surprisingly, you’ll need a riding helmet to protect your head from falls. Even the best of riders can’t always prevent a fall from happening, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! Be sure to get the right kind of riding helmet for the style of riding you’ll be doing. 

2. Bridle 

bridle is used to direct a horse and is often connected to both a bit (or multiple bits) and the reins. Again, it’s important to get the right kind to match the style of riding you’ll be learning, as various kinds of bridles differ from one another so much that some bridles aren’t even allowed to be used in certain competitions! 

3. Saddle 

A saddle is the seat (typically made of leather) that is placed on a horse so it can be more comfortably ridden. Of the four pieces of equipment discussed here, the saddle will be the most expensive, and that should be extra motivation to take good care of it by cleaning and conditioning it. 

4. Saddle Blanket 

Saddle blankets (also called saddlecloths) are designed to make things more comfortable for the horse. As their name suggests, they simply lay directly beneath the saddle. The saddle blanket is probably the least expensive piece of equipment in this list. 

If you’re worried about the total cost of all of this equipment, ask a riding instructor for advice on how to make your money go as far as possible. It’s also a good idea to search for discount horse supplies online and purchase your horse tack that way. 

With these four basic pieces of horse tack ready to go, all you need is a good instructor to start experiencing the excitement of riding and the joy of interacting with majestic horses at a barn or equestrian center near you. 

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