June 2021

Tips for Finding a Chargemaster Consulting Firm

Sometimes, hospital chargemasters must undergo complete renovations led by an outside consultant. If your institution requires an overhaul, find a consulting firm that offers satisfactory answers to all of these questions before hiring someone. 

Do They Have Success With Improving Revenue?

The entire point of hiring a chargemaster consulting firm is to bring more revenue in for your hospital. Before choosing a firm, ensure they have past success where they have renovated a chargemaster and brought more revenue in for a hospital. 

Do They Help You Implement Changes?

Chances are, the consultant will find some outdated procedures that need to change to give you enhanced efficiency. This means you will need to make some changes and retrain your staff around whatever new procedures the consultant recommends. To ensure you are successful in this step, you should look for a consultant who helps implement necessary changes. 

Do They Create Deadlines for Your Results?

While deadlines don’t usually seem like a good thing, in this case, they are. These deadlines can make you actually implement your changes and start seeing results. So, when you choose someone, look for a consultant that offers deadlines for when you need to implement your changes and when you can expect to see results. 

Do They Provide the Results of Their Evaluation?

You probably have no idea how your chargemaster and associated procedures got so outdated. Therefore, you have no idea which areas you need to watch in the future. However, choosing a consultant that gives you detailed notes and summaries of their evaluation can help you monitor your procedures closer in the future. 

Do They Include You in Their Process?

As the person in charge of dealing with the chargemaster procedures, you want to ensure that the company you choose involves you in their process. This can help you understand what they are doing and why you need to implement the recommended changes. 

Do They Thoroughly Explain Everything To You?

You are likely going to be confused about something during the consulting process. Therefore, you need to find a company that will thoroughly explain everything to you while evaluating and restructuring your chargemaster procedures. This makes it so that you understand what is happening and can explain it to your staff. 

If you want to find the right consulting firm to handle your chargemaster review, you need to do some research. Finding satisfactory answers to these questions will give you the best possible match for your hospital. 

Your Business and Smart Technology

Technology is making people’s lives easier in many ways they’ve never even dreamed possible. The same is true when it comes to running a business. Smart technology can make the lives of business owners exponentially easier. Utilizing them can free up your time, allowing you to invest it in bettering your business.

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks allow business owners to control who enters and exits their buildings without keycards. Personalized access codes ensure you can still see who is coming and going but without the nuisance of keycards, which are often misplaced or lost. Smart locks will also allow you to lockout everyone all at once if necessary. If you run a business that requires high security, investing in smart locks is a wise move.

2. Smart Roofs

For business owners who live in chilly climates, snow damage to roofs can present a very real threat. Luckily, there are now smart roof systems that include predictive monitoring technologies, which monitor snow pressure on your roof to tell you when the snow becomes too much. These could keep your roof from collapsing, so consider them if you experience significant snowfall in your area.

3. Smart Security Systems

There are several options available on the market for smart security systems. Most include multiple cameras and sensors that can be synced to a smartphone and provide 24/7 updates directly to the phone. You will be updated on any entry to your building any time of day or night. Additionally, some smart security systems include heat and leak sensors that will alert you of potential fires or leaks that could damage your merchandise if left undetected.

4. Smart Lighting

Multiple companies offer smart lighting systems that can help you save on your business electric bill. Some systems consist of smart LED lightbulbs, a remote and motion sensors providing you with all the tools necessary to save as much as possible. There’s no need to light portions of your business unless they’re in use and smart lighting systems enable business owners to select which areas in a building are lit and which are not.

Utilizing smart technology can make the life of a business owner much easier. Further, it can save you money and resources. Investing in smart locks, smart roofs, smart security systems and smart lighting can all contribute to bringing your business up to date. Consider looking into some of these options and reap the benefits.

The Proper Steps to Notarize Something

While there are required courses to become a notary, few states offer practical advice on delivering a notary signature. If you’ve recently finished your education and have a thorough understanding of the law, but not how to sign, handle the signature process in real-life situations. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to complete a notarization. 

Set Up an In-Person Visit

In most locations, the Secretary of State sets regulations that require the singer to appear before you in person. This is because having them appear in person protects you, the signer, and anyone else relying on you from potential fraud cases and liability. Plus, it gives you access to the materials you need to complete the rest of the steps. 

Read the Document

Your first step should always be to read the document and look for the type of notarization required, required document elements, blank spaces, the date, and the signer’s name. Note, this doesn’t mean you should read the document and memorize all the details. Instead, skim it to gather any necessary information. 

Identify the Signer

Identifying who is signing the document is the most crucial step. There are three primary methods that you can use to identify someone including, your personal knowledge, photographic identification, and credible witnesses. It is important to remember that this step is required no matter who is signing the document or what type of notarization they require. 

Record the Occurrence

To meet state regulations, you will need to keep a journal log of all your notarizations. Aside from meeting regulations, this can help you defend yourself if anything about this occurrence is questioned later. Note, it is good to do this before signing a document because it allows you to collect any information you need with ease. 

Complete the Signature

If the document contains instructions on the type of notarization required, perform the task. While you do this, ensure the details you need are correct. For instance, the correct location is the place where you notarized the document. Otherwise, ask the client which one is required and describe the various types to ensure they get what they need. If neither of you can identify what type is required, have them contact an attorney and return at a later time. 

If you’ve come out of the training to become a notary and still feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Following these steps will help you get on the right track with your new business. 

Making Exteriors as Comfortable as Interiors

Back in 2020, everyone learned the true value of a comfortable and safe outdoor space. As we all move forward with our lives, those safe and comfortable outdoor spaces will continue to play an important role in our everyday lives. However, there is a reason that humanity invented housing. The outdoors are not always naturally comfortable. So what can you do to make the exterior of your home as cozy as the interior?

Temperature Control

The outdoors are not climate controlled, and in most places, that becomes uncomfortable at some point. You can’t change the thermostat when you’re outside; you have to find a workaround. If you’re in a warm, sunny area, you may need to look at landscape plant installation Boca Raton or your area to find shade-creating or shade-loving plants, in order to protect yourself from the sun and the heat. In extreme situations, a pool is a great way to beat the heat. If cold is what makes your outdoor spaces uncomfortable, a firepit can go a long way towards fixing that problem, if it’s done safely. 

Safety and Privacy

Safety is another factor to consider. Protecting yourself from the weather is one thing. Protecting yourself from bugs, wildlife, allergens, and nosy neighbors is another thing. Fences can make your property more private and secure. Citronella candles and bug repellants can make your space more comfortable from that perspective. Learn to identify the plants you’re allergic to, especially plants like poison ivy and poison oak. 


However, comfort isn’t just about not being miserable, it’s also about, well, comfort. What have you done to make your outdoor spaces as warm and welcoming as your indoor spaces? People like to have places to sit and things to do and something to look at, whether they are inside or outside. A comfortable seating area, perhaps even an outdoor dining area, is a great start. What activities do you do outside, and could you add more? Nature is already interesting to look at, but you can add to that with beautiful plants, interesting landscaping, and even outdoor art pieces. 

Spending more time outside is always a good thing. Humans need sunlight, and fresh air makes most everyone feel better, especially after a long day inside. So the next time you’re thinking about sprucing up your outdoor areas, don’t just think about what looks good from the curb. Think about what feels good and comfortable when you’re actually in the space and enjoying it. 

Keeping Your Neighborhood in Demand: 4 Things Your HOA and CDD Can Do for You

Buying a home isn’t just about picking out the perfect floorplan. Many couples are willing to sacrifice their ideal vision for a house if they prefer a specific neighborhood. After all, a building is only part of the living situation. The people around and the environment of the community are essential too. That’s why your Home Association (HOA) and the Community Development Committee (CDD) are both important in improving your place’s demand. The organizations should consider the following four things because these decisions do matter.

1. Keep Lakes in Good Condition

The general appearance should be clean-cut and fresh. People want green foliage that is well-kept and tended. A major focal point in this category is any freshwater. Lakes should be beautiful, free of algae. To help with this, a water management company could tend to the conditions, and the groups could hire fish stocking services Florida to use natural cleaning methods.

2. Review Amenity Needs Yearly

When builders create newer subdivisions, they often boost amenity options. Pools might be bigger than the other communities. Novel concepts such as kayak spots or walking paths might be created. These additional allow for the builders to promote the changes and draw in potential customers. 

Older communities, therefore, should question how to enhance their amenities or maintain conditions. During HOA and CDD meetings, evaluate reserve budgets. Seek out ideas from residents about what type of improvements they would like.

3. Assess Residential Property

The HOA might work with a management company. These professionals are trained to know the community rules and enforce them. Workers drive around to ensure that homes are kept in proper states. If not, notices are sent to owners indicating what should be fixed.

These efforts provide opportunities for the neighborhood to look its best.

4. Encourage Social Activities

Many people like to engage in social activities, and an HOA staff could plan celebrations that bring the community together. Food truck evenings, pool celebrations and holiday parties entertain and get others to have fun. This connection is something realtors may sell to their clients, boosting interest in the area. Encourage boards to develop a reputation for caring for residents and giving them a chance to interact and make memories.

Where you live is a vital component of how well your home is likely to sell in the future. Work with HOA and CDD committees to keep the area looking good. Aesthetics and enjoyment are important.

What Do Public Sector Consultants Do?

The public sector comprises all public officers and positions, and includes everything from military and teachers to the President of the United States. The federal government alone consists of over 9 million workers, which was almost 6 percent of the entire American workforce in 2019. Also in 2019, American trust in the United States government had reached historic lows, with only 17 percent of the public saying they trusted the government to do their jobs. 

This is why public sector consultants such as Declan Kelly are utilized to ensure the government is staying on track with accountability measures, and to restore public confidence in public sector workers. If you are interested in this job, or want to see more about how your government is advised, learn more about public sector consultants here.

What are Public Sector Consultants?

A general consultant for a business is one that helps an organization to maximize their profits or efficient measures within the current regulations of the time. A public sector consultant does the same thing. Teneo’s Declan Kelly is just an example. He is an award-winning journalist who consulted in 2007 and 2008 for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  

By 2009, he would become part of the economic envoy to Northern Ireland by appointment of the Secretary of State. This is an example of what a public sector consultant can do. They live a life of public service, and their job is to ensure that the needs of the many are met in every way.

What are Public Sector Jobs?

There are a number of things that a public sector consulting job can be. Today, jobs in public sector consulting can be as simple as an educational consultant in the classroom, helping develop a special needs curriculum. You may also see them in the military, consulting on engineering mechanics, defense strategy, or even financial auditing.

There is probably a public sector consulting job available for any interest and skill level. That is because the United States public sector is large, and it touches every area of our lives. Consulting is available, and needed, in health care, education, justice, law, law enforcement, finance, climate, defense, housing, and more.

What is the Salary for Public Sector Consulting?

Salaries for public sector consulting will be commensurate with experience. It will also depend on where you are working. The city you work in could be just as big a factor in determining your salary, as what you do. Whether you work for a company or for yourself may also make a difference in your salary expectations as well.

Learn More About Public Sector Consulting

Jobs like Teneo’s Declan Kelly come around once every four to eight years. However, the need for public sector consulting will never go away. So long as humans need services, their public workers will need consultants. If this is a field that interests you, start the research today to see what you need to do to begin your career in the public sector.